La Cavada to Santander

Last modified 2022/09/07 20:22
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Dads last day, we rode into Santander, going straight to the Ferry terminal where Dad would be setting sail for England - but it was deserted, we eventually spoke to an offial who said that the passenger terminal had been temporarily moved further down the road. After assertaining the location we went to search for some accomodation for me for the night, then a coffee and adios!

In 2010 I rode with Dad from St. Malo to Santander, this was Cannes to Santander via. Massif Centrale. Maybe we will do it again in 2015?

From Dads journal: Awake at 3am and reading War and Peace for an hour. A good breakfast and away by 10 am toward Santander at lunchtime on minor roads via Solares. Helped Dan find accommodation and we had coffee before I boarded ferry at 3 30 pm. As before parting was a poignant affair. Cabin with sea-view. Watched TV and Wales thrash England in the rugby. Slept soundly on rough crossing. 20 miles.

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