Santander - Day 1

Last modified 2022/09/07 19:47

So Dad left yesterday, and I am left alone in Santander. I found a pension for €20 a night, but without internet connectivity. In the morning I went down to a café for a refreshingly cheap coffee and an internet connection. Checking the news, answering emails, and having that lightness of mind that comes with having no cares and no plans.

I called in at the bakery on the way back, getting some bread and cakes, next stop was the supermarket for some cheap wine. Then back to the hotel room, and tried to watch Laurance of Arabia – slowly working my way through a litre of wine, and becoming bored by the film. So this is it. I am alone. I walk out onto the balcony and smoke a cigerette. So here I am again. In Santander. 2 years after the last time. The start of another adventure.

The last time I was here I went east over the Pyrenées, along the mediteranean coast, wrote a CV in some youth hostel in Aix-de-provence (actually I forget the city, but it was close), stopping near Canes for 1 week before moving further east through Monnaco and finally north through the Alpes and ending up in Thonon-les-bains for two weeks, in which time I secured a job in Paris by chance and (after doing a little Woofing) jumped on the train at Geneva (which wouldn’t have been possible without my kind Woofing hosts) and got off at the Gare de Lyon in Paris.

Now I am here again, and now I can speak french! (well, in the same way that I can play guitar). Where will this journey end?