Lagos - Day 3

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Finally managed to speak to an employee of my bank in Paris. She explained that nothing, no action, could be taken with my card without a written authorization. An authorization delivered in the mail and signed by me. I found out however, to my gratification, that I could ask one of my colleagues in Paris to pick the card up on my behalf, if they had the aforementioned written authorization.

  • A fax won’t do?
  • No sir, a fax will not do. It must be sent by courrier
  • Sorry, what, I didn’t understand
  • You must send it in the mail.
  • But, you see, this is a problem. I am in Portugal. All of my money was stolen, I have no money, I have nothing. I lied.
  • Well, you .. escuse me a minute sir.

I waited for a sceond

  • My colleague says you can scan a letter and email it to your colleuge who can then pick the card up on your behalf.
  • Perfect! Thankyou so much.

I emailed my colleauge, Franck, the bank is located at the Place de la Republique, the office on the Rue Faubourg de Temple, which ran out opposite the bank in front of the huge statue of Marianne, was just 5 minutes away. The thought occured to me that Franck might be able to accomplish this task today.

I spoke to Franck, who willfully agreed to help me out. I drew up a letter, took a photo (which is probablly among those shown below) emailed it to him. Some time passed, I then receied a phone call.

  • ..
  • You need to send me a scan of your passport, quick! I am waiting.

Franck was in a hurry. It turned out that I had missed the detail about also sending a scan of my passport. I duly sent the requested scan, Franck then phoned me back.

  • OK, I am on my way to the post office, you need to send me the address.

I hadn’t planned this far ahead.

  • Err, err. Well
  • Quick. I am in a hurry.
  • Err, well, err. I wasn’t, err, planning on.. maybe
  • I could send it tomorrow, just tell me.
  • Err. No. OK. Yes. Wait, OK. I’ll send you the address.

I had been vaguely thinking that I would have the card sent to me at some later stage, I don’t know why, in truth I hadn’t planned this far ahead. I decided then that I would wait here, at the Youth Hostel, until the card arrived. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after. But soon.

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