Lagos - Day 4

Last modified 2022/09/07 19:47

Met Carlos. Unemployed Portuguese guy staying in Hostel for the night. Very talkative and triste.

  • Life is tough my friend
  • Yeah
  • Four fucking times, four fucking times they stole my bike
  • Yah, yah, life.
  • But, you have to stay positive, you know?
  • Thats the key

We went outside and and somoked

  • My brother is dead
  • How did he die?
  • He is dead. He died 4 years ago, life.
  • Yep.
  • I have no money, you know there is no work
  • Yeah
  • I have nothing, no food, don’t like begging
  • .
  • I have work on Friday. I make a fence, maybe I do some other things. I will get €50. Is OK.

We went back inside and Carlos began washing up some dishes, one slipped and landed with a porcelin clang on the worksurface.

  • Still alive, he said
  • Yeah, thats the most important thi….
  • No - the plate - its still alive.
  • Ah yeah.