Lagos - Day 5

Last modified 2022/09/07 19:47

Five days and I am starting to perceive the routine of this place. Beginning to become habituated to the routines. The staff sitting down in the court yeard chatting. Scrambled eggs on Wednesdays. Each morning I sit down for breakfast at 8:30 and speak with Walter before he goes to surf school, often misunderstanding what he is saying to me and saying “what?”.

Paid for Carlos to stay one more night at a cost of €12

  • I will pay you back
  • No, it is not necessary
  • No. Is necessary. I pay you back.
  • No is not necessary
  • You can give me €20
  • Err. No .. err, just €12 - we go down and I will pay for you. I will pay for both of us.
  • You can give me €1?
  • .. ok

I went over to my desk and picked up some loose change gave him €1 and we went down to reception to pay. Carlos addressed the man in Portuguese, the attendant looked at me and asked:

  • Are you sure?

I confirmed and handed over €24 euros. I didn’t see Carlos again, he didn’t stay another night.