Migrating this site to Hugo

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Today I migrated this blog from Sculpin to Hugo. I created the site originally in 2018 using the wonderful, PHP based, Sculpin static site generator. It has proved to be a good decision, previously my personal homepages used a database and anything I wrote on them is lost to history (a mournful loss to posterity), now all of my blog posts are on github, and I can author them locally in my favourite editor. Read more...

Hello World

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This is my new blog. There have been many like it. But this is my new one My website has been down for over a year. This is the new one! The old site is backed up, but there wasn’t anything interesting on it. $ cowsay 'Hello' _______ < Hello > ------- \ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || ||
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