PHP Term

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TL;DR Term is a low-level terminal manipulation library for PHP based on Crossterm. Give it a star. (professional) Term logo When I started porting Ratatui to PHP (see previous post) I didn’t fully realise what I was getting myself into. PHP-TUI is a framework which allows you to create terminal user interfaces, but it does not in itself provide the mechanism to interact with the terminal. Symfony Terminal ΒΆ My first idea was to use the Symfony console as a “backend” for PHP-TUI as (not) detailed in my previous post. Read more...

PHP-TUI Progress

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Update 30/11/2023: I continued to work on it and versions have been tagged and you can visit the docs and view a follow up blog post about Term). TL;DR I’ve been working on a TUI framework for PHP. It’s not finished yet. Give it a star. PHP-TUI lnogo Since being made redundant 3 weeks ago I have been using my unexpected free time to start a project that has been in my minds eye for some time: a TUI framework for PHP. Read more...
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