Here is listed the statistics I have and am gathering on my travels in Europe, just statistics and little more.

Stage 1 - The North

Original idea here was to cycle to Scotland, in the end I ran out of time and made it up to Carlisle, which is close enough to Scotland. I stayed longer in the Lake District, which I didnt plan to visit.

Date Day # Description Note Time Dist. Av. Speed Max Speed Odometer Media
2010-09-07 1 Weymouth to Bristol City Center 4h 29m 66.00m 14.72mph 45.10mph 66.00m 2
2010-09-08 2 Bristol - Wocester 4h 6m 63.00m 15.37mph mph 129.00m 0
2010-09-09 3 Wocester to Manchester 8h 52m 114.00m 12.86mph 31.50mph 243.00m 4
2010-09-10 4 Manchester - Silverdale 5h 29m 74.28m 13.55mph 27.50mph 317.28m 6
2010-09-11 5 Silverdale - Wastwater (Skafell Pikel)
Wet but good campsite at bottom of tallest peak in England
5h 5m 55.96m 11.01mph 36.60mph 373.24m 12
2010-09-12 6 Wastwater - Cockermouth via. Black Fell Pass
Path through mountains was not meant for bike .. hauled bike over mountain pass, took three hours.
3h 27m 27.19m 7.88mph 30.40mph 400.43m 23
2010-09-13 7 Cockermouth - Carlise - Hawes (Yorkshire Dales)
Great riding through the Dales even in the pissing rain, stayed in Hawes where bar stuff where very hospitable, giving me a room for £10
7h 15m 90.27m 12.45mph 47.10mph 490.70m 5
2010-09-14 8 Hawes - Ripon - Leeds - Sheffield - Belper (miles short of Derby)
Longest ride so far
10h 15m 136.16m 13.28mph 37.70mph 626.86m 0
2010-09-15 9 Derby - Tamworth, train to Glocester, Glocester - Bristol, train to weymouth
Had to be back in Weymouth for depature to St. Malo with Dad next day.
6h 17m 77.40m 12.32mph 30.30mph 704.26m 0

Stage 2 - St. Malo - Santander

The west coast of France and the North coast of Spain. Completed this stage with my Dad, who caught the Ferry back to England from Santander

Date Day # Description Note Time Dist. Av. Speed Max Speed Odometer Media
2010-09-16 10 Weymouth - St.Malo via. Jurnsey
Most of miles here done on the island of Jeurnsey whilst waiting for Ferry.
2h 11m 18.47m 8.46mph 23.60mph 722.73m 0
2010-09-17 11 St. Malo - Renees 5h 49m 63.84m 10.98mph 29.60mph 786.57m 5
2010-09-18 12 Renne - 8k North of Geur 4h 38m 50.67m 10.94mph 29.50mph 837.24m 2
2010-09-19 13 Guer - St. Nazarine 5h 35m 64.24m 11.51mph 34.10mph 901.48m 9
2010-09-20 14 St. Nazzarine - St. Jean de Mat 5h 0m 56.95m 11.39mph mph 958.43m 4
2010-09-21 15 St Jean de Mat - Trantes-der-mer 5h 11m 59.79m 11.54mph 22.20mph 1,018.22m 2
2010-09-22 16 Trantes-der-mer - Rochfort 6h 56m 74.02m 10.68mph 21.40mph 1,092.24m 0
2010-09-23 17 Rochfort - Blaye 6h 21m 74.53m 11.74mph 34.90mph 1,166.77m 1
2010-09-24 18 Blaye - Somewhere in Nat. Park Northwest of Bordeux 5h 42m 70.35m 12.34mph 28.90mph 1,237.12m 11
2010-09-25 19 Somewhere - Leon 5h 13m 67.71m 12.98mph 24.10mph 1,304.83m 2
2010-09-26 20 Leon - Birratiz
Estimates as CP data lost
3h 25m 38.00m 11.12mph mph 1,342.83m 5
2010-09-28 22 Biarritz - Azkoitia (Spain) 6h 51m 70.51m 10.29mph 32.40mph 1,413.34m 6
2010-09-29 23 Azkotitia - Castro-Uridiales 7h 57m 81.14m 10.21mph 33.50mph 1,494.48m 16
2010-09-30 24 Castro-Uridiales - Santander
End of Stage 2
4h 51m 53.16m 10.96mph 31.70mph 1,547.64m 7

Stage 3 - The Pyrenees and the French Mediteranian Coast

From Haydayes to err, the other coast. Stopping midway to do some trail running. Plan to do the famous peaks featured in the Tour de France, in both this and the next stage (the Alps)

Date Day # Description Note Time Dist. Av. Speed Max Speed Odometer Media
2010-10-01 25 Santander - Muskiz, nr. Bilbio 6h 52m 82.77m 12.05mph 40.10mph 1,630.41m 12
2010-10-02 26 Muskiz - Artega (North Coast)
Frustrated getting through Bilbio, didnt make good time
5h 13m 58.52m 11.22mph mph 1,688.93m 3
2010-10-03 27 Artega - Hendaye (France)
Good riding day, good route, severe wind, no open campsites.
7h 8m 83.06m 11.64mph 37.20mph 1,771.99m 20
2010-10-04 28 Hendaye -Ascarat (Pyrenees) 6h 7m 61.84m 10.11mph 37.50mph 1,833.83m 12
2010-10-05 29 Ascarat - La pierre Saint Martin
Cols are hell
6h 48m 52.50m 7.72mph 35.80mph 1,886.33m 30
2010-10-06 30 col de la pierre st martin - laruns
4h 47m 49.53m 10.35mph 40.60mph 1,935.86m 9
2010-10-07 31 Larruns - Luz-Saint-Sauver
col d'abisque , col de soulor
4h 40m 44.65m 9.57mph 35.40mph 1,980.51m 7
2010-10-08 32 Luz-Saint-Saveur - Arreau
Tormalet + Aspin
5h 16m 49.05m 9.31mph 42.20mph 2,029.56m 8
2010-10-09 33 Arreau - Lagrave
Climbed Col de Peyresourde and Port de Bains
4h 48m 45.26m 9.43mph 37.00mph 2,074.82m 4
2010-10-11 35 Lagrave - Sieux
Damp day, 3 cols, Col de Binente, Col d'Aspen and Col de la Core. Wet but not too wet, got lost but not too lost.
7h 55m 77.76m 9.82mph 35.60mph 2,152.58m 15
2010-10-12 36 Sieux - Ax-les-Thermes
Col d'Agnes and Col Pont le Lers (?). Again wet, and cold on the descents.
5h 34m 56.83m 10.21mph 33.50mph 2,209.41m 13
2010-10-13 37 Ax-les-Thermes - Prades
2001m Col followed by some minors, spent most of day at 1500m before descending from Mont-Louis for ~1.5hrs to here.
6h 49m 66.12m 9.7mph 33.70mph 2,275.53m 6
2010-10-14 38 Prades - Saint Marie sur le mer
Short ride to exit the Pyrenees, went as fast as possible from Prades to Perpignon - Tme: 1:25, Dst: 27.04, Av: 18.9 Mx:
2h 53m 41.22m 14.3mph 33.20mph 2,316.75m 8
2010-10-16 40 Saint-Marie sur mer - Adjes
Riding against wind for first part to Narbonne, faster pace for remainder
6h 31m 81.14m 12.45mph mph 2,397.89m 10
2010-10-17 41 Cod d'Adge - Nime
via. Montpellier, and arrived amid the aftermath of the Marathon, of which I was unaware.
6h 33m 75.30m 11.5mph 27.00mph 2,473.19m 9
2010-10-19 43 Nimes - Marsaille
Strong wind behind me, effortless ride most of the way.
6h 27m 89.65m 13.9mph 41.50mph 2,562.84m 17
2010-10-20 44 Marsailles - Cassis
Ran in Marsailles for 3hrs 48min
0h 53m 12.08m 13.68mph 43.60mph 2,574.92m 6
2010-10-22 46 Cassis - Le Lavandou
Illegal to die here
5h 38m 67.62m 12mph 37.30mph 2,642.54m 15
2010-10-24 48 Le Lavendou - Villeneuve Laurant 7h 50m 96.71m 12.35mph 27.60mph 2,739.25m 14

Stage 4 - The Alps

From Monton to Dunkirk, maybe. Weather is not ideal.

Date Day # Description Note Time Dist. Av. Speed Max Speed Odometer Media
2010-10-27 51 Villeneuve Laubert - Sospel
Back in the mountains. Col de Castillion (~705m)
4h 43m 49.43m 10.48mph 27.70mph 2,788.68m 13
2010-10-28 52 Sospel - Saint Martin Vésubie
Col de Turini
4h 22m 36.22m 8.29mph 32.30mph 2,824.90m 18
2010-10-29 53 St-Martin Vesubie - Valberg (Ski Station)
2 cols: Col de la croix de Valberg 1700m (inc. Col de la Couollole) and Col de Saint Martin. Exhausting.
4h 43m 37.67m 7.99mph 34.30mph 2,862.57m 18
2010-10-30 54 Valberg- Barcellonnete
Snow. Truly beutifull going up the highest pass to date, Col de Cayolle (2326m)
4h 31m 49.13m 10.88mph 35.80mph 2,911.70m 22
2010-10-31 55 Barcelonnette - Briancon
Col de vars (2111m). Tough descent from the col in the rain and snow. Rain constant theme of the day.
5h 25m 57.30m 10.58mph 33.10mph 2,969.00m 9
2010-11-01 56 Briancon - Grenoble
Snowy at the top of "Col de Lauteret" (2011m), great downhill run for ~50 miles through Bourg de Osains to Grenoble. All Saints day (jour toutsaintes), so most shops closed.
5h 4m 71.05m 14.02mph 39.30mph 3,040.05m 29
2010-11-03 58 Grenoble - St Jean Maurienne
Col de la croix de fer (2068m)
6h 34m 64.58m 9.83mph 38.00mph 3,104.63m 21
2010-11-04 59 St-Jean-de-Maurienne - Bourg-St-Maurice
Estimates as data lost, flat and easy day. Weather fine.
5h 30m 70.00m 12.73mph 35.00mph 3,174.63m 12
2010-11-05 60 St-Jean-de-maurienne - Notre Dame de Bellecombe
Col de Saises (1650m) and Comet de roseland (1968m)
5h 26m 45.25m 8.33mph 36.30mph 3,219.88m 22
2010-11-06 61 Notre Dame de Bellecombe - Cluses
Col des Aravis (1486m), Col de Columbière (1613m)
5h 14m 54.60m 10.43mph 40.30mph 3,274.48m 31
2010-11-07 62 Cluses - Thonon-les-bains
Last col, Col des Gets (1170m). Another cold and wet journey to end the stage
3h 22m 38.24m 11.36mph 28.90mph 3,312.72m 3

Stage 5 - Rhone Alpes

I stayed / am staying in a Hotel for 2 weeks in Thonon-les-bains before spending a week or two on an Organic Farm in the region, and then ... Paris, where hopefully I have a job for at least 3 months in a web development agency

Date Day # Description Note Time Dist. Av. Speed Max Speed Odometer Media
2010-11-11 66 Circuit du roc d'enfer
Actually deviated from route by accident and came back via. col de gets after Col de la Ramaz (1559m). Very white and snowy there, and I was ill-prepared for the cold descent, was glad to see a lower altitude!
4h 46m 64.82m 13.6mph 37.10mph 3,377.54m 0
2010-11-14 69 Circuit of lac leman / lake geneva
Nice flat circuit, passed through Geneva, Laussane and Montreaux.
6h 46m 108.51m 16.04mph 30.40mph 3,486.05m 0
2010-11-17 72 Circuit de Gavot
Short ride, 990m altitude, nice views.
1h 28m 22.56m 15.38mph 36.90mph 3,508.61m 0
2010-11-18 73 Attempted Circuit de Mnt Hermoine
Took wrong turning, and was getting dark when I eventually corrected myself so, ahem, I turned back
1h 48m 25.12m 13.96mph 32.90mph 3,533.73m 0
2010-11-20 75 Thonon-les-bains - Marcellaz
Became very cold with wind-chill on the flat, if slightly undulating, ride to Annemasse, where i had a coffee then turned and eventually found my way to Marcellaz, where I am working on a Farm for the next week before leaving for Paris.
2h 56m 33.78m 11.52mph 27.30mph 3,567.51m 0