Lagos - Day 7

Last modified 2022/09/07 19:47

Now one week at the Hostel and only €130 left. Hoping card will get here tomorrow, one entire week seems a long time for a first card letter to go from France to Portugal, but its possible all the same.

Have started running again, today was the third consecutive running day. Legs are aching, but tendon is fine.

I started off with a small run on my second day here, 20 minutes to a beach, swim, then 20 minutes back. The next day I repeated this but went further and had a swim on the way back. The tendon was sore after this, so I rested for 2 days, and today it was fine.

The problem with this inactivity is how to occupy myself. I am spending most of my day hacking on the CMF and on my website. But this isn’t exactly physically gratifying, so I inevitably end up craving for junk food and eating more than I should.