Lagos - Day 9

Last modified 2022/09/07 20:22
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So. I have finally met a “crusty-hippy-permaculturist”. I was sitting down for breakfast, and was having a conversation with a Dutch guy, who was driving around in a hired car. We were in the middle of a sentance when..

  • English?

We both looked around

  • Are you english? - she addressed the Dutch guy, I kept my nationality a secret
  • Err… no … I am dutch.
  • Oh, well thats allright then.
  • What about you?
  • Yes. I am English - I replied
  • Where are you from?
  • Dorset
  • Ooo. There is so much ruined land in Dorset. I’d love to buy 100 acres in Dorset. Some of its like a desert. I’d love to do a bit of permaculture in Dorset.
  • Actually, where I liv .. - I was about to say that where I live Dorset is actually rather pleasant.

She cut me off, I don’t know what with, but she started talking rubbish so we let her talk her self out before we returned to our initial convesation.

  • What? Whats that? Your waiting for a car?

I turned back around

  • Credit Card. I’m waiting for my credit card.
  • Oh.

Once again I turned back and resumed my conversation, we started talking about Morocco. The dutch guy had been there quite some years ago and we were talking about the poverty, the begging culture and the false guides. Suddenly we were interupted again:

  • Theres alot of dignity in begging you know. Its the oldest profession in the world. You have to see it from the otherside.
  • Yes - the dutch guy engaged - but when they are there, with their babies, sitting in the street, what kind of a life is that?
  • Who are you to judge? In England we give money to single mothers.
  • In England - I interupted - teenagers have children to draw money from the state.
  • Well good for them! - she interjected happily - Good for them! Anarchy!

At this point I think we both decided that any debate would be futile and that withdrawing was the only option available to us. I was first.

  • I have to go - I smiled

And turned my back. Not far behind the Dutch guy followed as we walked down the hall the woman carried on speaking to our backs until we were well away.

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