Phpactor Theme Song

Last modified 2022/09/14 11:14

This is a song about phpactor:

Phpactor Theme Song

Phpactor - It’s a Language Server
Don’t use it on a project that it is to big
It will crash

I have spent the majority of my spare (project) time this month working on Phpactor, this weekend was my last opportunity to record a song, and I had not written any lyrics, so on Sunday I decided to just record some music and I had the Phpactor documentation page open in my browser. The lyrics are mostly reading the documentation verbatim.


I think this song has the best production quality of so far. Again I used DrumGizmo for the drums, but started by all the channels (there are 16 of them) down and then bringing the snare and bass drum up and putting a high shelf (?) on the kick to give it that famous “clicky” bass-drum sound, I also put a bit of reverb on the snare.

The main riff is played on two separately recorded tracks and each is panned hard left and right.


Earlier in the month I decided I wanted to learn picking sweep-picking guitar technique, and I purchased the Ultimate Shred Machine book.

It contains lots of exercises, I’ve been working my way through the beginning and although I haven’t even started the sweep-picking exercises yet my guitar playing has improved noticeably and I used some of the techniques in this song.