Phpactor 2023.06.17

Last modified 2023/06/17 21:22

I have tagged Phpactor 2023.06.17.

Et voila, on a fait un autre release de Phpactor le serveur de language PHP.

But today is not a day to practice my bad french, but to celebrate another Phpactor release 🎉

Class generic tags

We’ll show diagnostics and provide a code action to add (best effort) generic tags for generics classes:

Missing implements/extends

Undefined variables and typos

Show diagnostics for undefined variables and provide a code action to fix typos.

missing variable Diagnostic and suggested fix


Phpactor’s indexer depends on various mechanisms to detect and index files when they are changed:

  • LSP file events: If your editor can send file events we use those.
  • inotify: Linux’s CLI tool generally provided by the inotify-tools package.
  • watchman: If it’s installed
  • find: If the other two cannot be found

But even if these work (and sometimes they don’t) they are subject to failures and missing file events. Phpactor now supports periodically scanning for modifications and reindexing, the default is set to 5 minutes.


You can now install Phpactor as a PHAR.


The splash page, getting started and and install documentation had not been updated in some time, I’ve reviewed and updated them.

As part of an ongoing effort to automate documentation, all of Phpactor’s diagnostic providers are now self-testing and self-documenting (see self testing code units blog post) and checkout the shiny new diagnostics documentation.

Many more

There are many improvements and bug fixes in this release, see the CHANGELOG.


Thanks to @mamazu for all his hard work in the psat months and to @harringsrob who has been working on a laravel integration.


The past few months have been busy for me as I’ve started a new job and have been enjoying a nomadic life - travelling around and staying with friends and relatives - while waiting for a flat purchase to complete. I’ve also been side-tracked by working on terrible side-projects in Go and Rust.

I haven’t got any particular plans for Phpactor for the next months, but my new job is more focused on PHP than my previous one, so hopefully I can be inspired!