Cycling the Pyrenees

Last modified 2023/08/03 08:55

This year I’ve decided to cycle across the Pyrenees, again.



13 years ago I rode from St. Malo to Santander and then crossed the Pyrenees and continued along the coast before crossing the Alpes to Lac Leman. I’ve recovered my sparse web journal from that time:


This was my first time in France as an adult (I was 30 years old) and the first time I had ever been in the mountains, I remember it being extremely tough - I lost a tooth - and progress was extremely slow on some days. I had just discovered that my phone had this thing called “GPS” and I managed to download some offline maps, but I didn’t have any internet. The hills were relentless.

hendaye2010 Hendaye

But it was spectacular, since then I have cycled all over Europe, but this first mountain crossing seems still stands out in my memory.

laruns2010 Somewhere near Laruns


  • Sail from Plymouth on the 14th August
  • Cycle accross the Pyrenees
  • Get the train from Perpignan to Paris
  • Get back to the UK via. Roscoff, Cherbourg or Calais.

When I rode this “route” it took me 13 days - with no rest days. This time I intend to take at least a couple of rest days, and so I’m giving myself 3 weeks.